Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fire Museum

This is Violet and her buddy Lyndon, who turned two this past week. He invited her and a bunch of his gang to the Fire Museum downtown. What a blast it was! Lyndon is a big brother now, so you can see that he is learning to be very gentle with someone smaller than him.

God has really been gracious to us since we have moved here. We have almost been here 2 years and last summer we were just getting grounded in the 'hood. By the end of the summer people recognized us, would stop and talk with us, and were extremely friendly. We have grown in friendships here, and glory to God for that!

Yesterday was unbelievable--it is February and the temperature was over 70 degrees. So we loaded up the stroller and leashed the dog and headed out for a great walk around Cooper Young. We were stopped by a few people who were interested in our dog. And then we ran into some neighbors/friends and met someone else who has 7 week old twins. Had a great conversation with them. In November the 'hood goes into hibernation and we haven't seen our neighbors almost all winter. Yesterday, though, a neighbor ran out to greet us as we were walking. Extraordinary to live here now.

The church is growing and is doing well. We are very confident that God has big things in store for us this year. We'll have 2 more babies by the end of summer, which will almost mean that there are more babies than adults. Our hospitality team is probably the youngest of any church around! Robert and I are preaching through Genesis. The audio and/or the sermon notes will be available through our website: www.ncmidtown.com Look under "Featured Audio" under the picture or "Resources."

Please continue to pray for Bob Griffin and his daughters, Basia and Bo. He is on our hearts constantly as is his and Linda's family.

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