Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Donde Esta, Senor Blogger?

Perhaps many (optimistically speaking) of you have been clicking over to August Burning and asking, "Donde esta, Jason?" or simply, "Where is Jason? He hasn't posted much of late. Is he okay. Did he get lost? Did he move? Did he lose his keyboard? All of those are valid questions and I want to affirm that in you--it's always good to ask.

But no, I wasn't kidnapped or anything like that, but be sure that if I were kidnapped or adult-napped I would really miss blogging to you. You are some of the most faithful and sporadic readers I've ever had, and it's to you I am grateful.

The truth is, I haven't had much to say. I allowed my blog to lay fallow for a while as I simply thought and read. I've got much to say, but I simply can't type that quickly, but be sure, that if I could I would. Did I commit blogger homicide by laying fallow? Who knows. Nothing is certain in this world where even google stock goes down in price.

Since I blogged last I have made up a few rules for myself. These are not to be taken as a general rule for all mankind, but is simply for me.
1. I will never eat Thai food again, unless, of course I change my mind, but at the way it's been going, it will be years. Let's just say that Thai food has been like the proverbial "good man," I just couldn't keep it down.
2. I will never eat at Naan-N-Curry by Golden Gate Park or the one in the Tenderloin. On a recent day off I said, "I'm in the mood for Naan-N-Curry." Afterward I said to myself, "I must've been in the mood for lukewarm, greasy spoon, no service, half-eaten food on the floor, nasty water pitchers, thrown together like a nuke was falling kinda food."

And in the affirmative category I will right

1. When the power goes off during a storm I will start a fire in the fireplace and cook chili and say that it's the best dang chili ever cooked in a living room, which is what happened Sunday night.
2. I need to read what Steven Samples calls "supertexts." These are texts that are hundreds of years old and still hold our culture today. I'm not too into Plato or Socrates or the Aenid but I did go to Green Apple Books in the city on that medicore food mood day off and collected what I think are come classics. And this is where I need your help. . . .

What's in your top ten, or heck, if you don't have a top ten, what is in your list that you say, "One of the best 5 books I've read," or "I want to read this book."

I don't want any list that has like, "The Owner's Manual of my 1985 Thunderbird." I've already read that. It's dry and, and, and, well, oily.

Anyway, holla.